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Numfum GmbH was incorporated in 2011, but grew out of a UK company by the same name. So, plenty of heritage to fall back upon.

We are based out of a roomy office in a leafy part of Basel, Switzerland, close to the river Rhine.

In the strictest sense, we are here to “offer comprehensive services in the field of computer science, information technology, database consulting, as well as the development of software and its use to third parties“, and this does pretty much sum up what we do.

Our core business is developing a lightweight, compact 3D engine, with 2D UI and an accompanying audio engine. This engine targets low-end platforms, but will work just as well on the latest top-end hardware.

We are working in conjunction with U.S. partners to tailor the engine for their needs, in developing a range of educational software.

Our core staff have a long history in both games and industrial software development, and have racked up over 150 years of project development time between them.

Numfum is a company in it for the long haul, and we eschew a lot of the stresses and strains on development within the games industry. We maintain sensible deadlines, and have a great customer base.

Numfum GmbH
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