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C++ Script VM Developer

CV to jobs@num*** PLEASE RETYPE THIS EMAIL ADDRESS ***fum.com

Here at Numfum GmbH we develop cross-platform game engines, primarily for use with Entertainment and Educational projects. Kicking off the new year, we have an immediate requirement for a Virtual Machine expert to supplement our in-house development.

Numfum’s core team have been developing software products together since the 1990s. They have designed and developed top notch, award winning software in computer game and white collar sectors over the past 3 decades. Indeed... we might be small, but we’ve already empowered our clients to realise millions of dollars in sales revenues.

We are looking for the right person to develop a script VM and bytecode compiler which will integrate with our existing 3D graphics engine and planned (GL-based) 2D UI. If you think you can squeeze a custom JavaScript implementation into 4KLOC, then this job is most certainly up your street.

The long-term goal here, is a completely script-driven game engine, replete with interactive shell and step debugger, tied into a custom IntelliJ-based IDE. We already have a proof-of-concept stack-based VM with DBGP remote debugging, but are willing to allow some autonomy given the right candidate.

Do you enjoy the cut and thrust of a charged office environment? Do you relish the thrill of building a reputation, and climbing up the ranks? Are you the sort of person who has something to prove? If any of this resonates, then please don’t apply. We are only looking for a talented, easy going person, who would like to work in a pleasant environment alongside some highly skilled industry veterans.

The job is full time and pays a good salary. All statutory requirements such as pension and accidental health cover are complied with. Where appropriate, we’ll also discuss a relocation allowance.

Expert level C++
Demonstrable VM and compiler projects
Deep multi-platform knowledge
Day to day office language is English

Bonus Points
Games industry experience
Emscripten / WebAssembly / NaCl
Game engine development
Experience of small, constrained devices
Java and IDE plug-in experience
Conversational German and / or French


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